M998.COM began as a resource for those seeking information about the military high-mobility, multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) and grew into a vast compilation of information on all things military.

Our mission is to serve the evaluation needs of the special forces/special operations community as well as those of the manufacturers who provide such gear. We believe the gear we buy should be able to stand up to the situations to which we expose it. We realize that when your life depends on the ability of your equipment to not fail, it is important to have good intel before purchasing the equipment. When gear or service is substandard, we say so. By the same token, we will also tell you if the equipment or service exceeds our high standards. We relate this information in a professional, "no nonsense" manner.

We welcome submissions of gear for review from all manufacturers and for all types of applications. An independent evaluation from us means your customers know they can depend on the best and that their equipment will not let them down when they need it most...an incredibly important selling point. If you believe your gear has what it takes to receive an excellent rating from us, send it on.

Evaluations are provided free of charge. You need only provide return postage if you would like the item returned to you.

Currently, we have provisions to test many different types of tactical equipment including, but not limited to personal protective equipment (ballistic (aka: "bulletproof") vests), tactical communications equipment, tactical vests, helmets, communications helmets for aviation or armored crews, flashlights, gear transport solutions (tactical backpacks, leg rigs, holsters, etc.). If you do not see your particular type of gear listed here, use the form below to contact us. Chances are, we have the ability to test it.

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