Ok, so I had a Magellan Crossover GPS for sale on ebay for $135...it was like brand new and a steal, considering I was including the AC adapter, vehicle adapter, USB cable, and windshield mount.

So this guy apparently can't read (1tgb2) and sends a message to ask if the AC adapter and car adapters are both included, even though I listed them as both included in my listing. Uhh...yeah, Einstein...they're both included.

He replies, "thanks" and then buys it a few minutes later. I get the thing ready to ship...I was about to turn it on to wipe out my personal data so this creep couldn't find out where I live and the device wouldn't power on. I tried researching the issue online, but was not able to get it to power on.

I sent him a very contrite message explaining that the GPS won't power on and offer him several options...full refund, chance to buy the adapters and window mount for $75, or whatever else he'd like. He replies, "I'll take the FULL REFUND, without any fee's taken out!"

Sounds like a real winner, huh? Yeah, I thought so too...

I opened up a case with ebay to cancel the transaction and this monkey decides he doesn't want to agree to it since I hadn't refunded his payment yet. So I refunded his stupid payment in full and now he STILL HASN'T AGREED TO CANCEL THE TRANSACTION.

I have HAD IT with people like this. I do NOT have time for this kind of crap from idiots like this guy. I put him on my block list and better not EVER see his name trying to buy anything from me ever again...this moron, without a doubt, is THE WORST ebayer I have ever dealt with and I've been on ebay since 1999 and dealt with a LOT of losers -- this guy is the worst of all of them.

Good riddance, idiot...ebay already told me they were going to refund my fees no matter what you do, so you can keep playing this game if you want to -- you're the only one that will lose.

Oh, and his real name is Jerry Uribe, 2420 Fleetwood Dr., San Bruno, CA 94066... in case you run into him. :-)

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